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* Please note, the CVs are in Adobe .pdf format

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Summary: Dan Guttmann, M.D., is the director of Taos Orthopaedic Institute. He is also faculty of the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Reconstruction Fellowship at the Taos Orthopaedic Institute, Associate Director of the Taos Orthopaedic Institute’s Research Foundation and Director of Research. He is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of New Mexico. He is Team Physician for New Mexico Highlands University Department of Athletics and Taos High School Department of Athletics. Additionally, he serves as Orthopaedic Consultant to the Taos Ski Patrol, Red River Ski Patrol and Angel Fire Ski Patrol.

Dr. Guttmann received his medical degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. He completed his residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. Dr. Guttmann has completed a Fellowship in Adult Reconstructive Surgery (Hip, Knee and Shoulder Joint Replacements) at the Joint Replacement Institute in Los Angeles at Orthopaedic Hospital. He has also completed a Fellowship in Shoulder and Elbow Sports Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City. Dr. Guttmann has been a member of the Holy Cross Hospital Staff in Taos since August of 2000.

John B. Reid III, M.D., is Director of Sports Medicine at Taos Orthopaedic Institute, as well as Director of Taos Orthopaedic Institute Research Foundation and Taos Orthopaedic Institute Sports Medicine Fellowship. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of New Mexico and serves as Co-Chairman of the Surgery and Anesthesia Department at Taos Holy Cross Hospital. Dr. Reid is Head Team Physician for New Mexico Highlands University and a physician with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team.
Dr. Reid received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware in 1987, and his Doctor of Medicine from Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) in 1998 graduating Cum Laude and a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. He completed his Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at OHSU between 1998 and 2002, serving as Chief Resident in 2003. Following Residency Dr. Reid completed the Sports Medicine Fellowship at Taos Orthopaedic Institute in 2004. After briefly returning to private practice in Portland, Oregon, he returned to Taos to rejoin Taos Orthopaedic Institute in 2005.

In addition to his passion for orthopaedic and sports medicine, Dr. Reid enjoys skiing, mountain biking, photography, cooking, old car/truck projects, dogs, and time with family.
[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] Medical School: Oregon Health Science University (OHSU), Portland, OR

Residency: Oregon Health Science University (OHSU)

Fellowship: Taos Orthopaedic Institute

Current Position & Practice: Taos Orthopaedic Institute, Taos, NM

Fellowship Director: Taos Orthopaedic Institute Sports Medicine Fellowship

Director: Taos Orthopaedic Institute Research Foundation

Assistant Clinical Professor: University of New Mexico Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery

Team Physician: New Mexico Highlands University

Physician: US Ski and Snowboard Team [/read]

John B. Reid III, MD

* Please note, the CVs are in Adobe .pdf format

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Sean Marvil, MD

* Please note, the CVs are in Adobe .pdf format

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Dr. Sean Marvil is an attending physician and member of the Sports Medicine Fellowship Faculty at the Taos Orthopaedic Institute. Dr. Marvil specializes in sports medicine, sports-related trauma and arthritis. He has expertise in the surgical procedures and treatment of upper- and lower-extremity injuries and degenerative conditions. In addition, he brings to Taos state of the art, minimally invasive hip arthroplasty, and arthroscopic hip preservation techniques.

Dr. Marvil completed his Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship at Taos Orthopaedic Institute. It is the ultimate testimony to his ability that he was asked to stay and join the Institute as a partner and Fellowship faculty member. Prior to his fellowship position, he was an orthopaedic surgery resident at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. Dr. Marvil received his M.D. from St. George’s University School of Medicine, and graduated with honors, with a B.S. degree from the George Washington University in Washington, DC. He was a two-time All-American lacrosse player at Valley Forge Military Academy.
[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] Dr. Marvil’s patients include not only professional and amateur athletes but also people from all walks of life – from ranchers to retirees – as well as current and former members of the Special Operations community of the U.S. armed forces. Underpinning his surgical approach is a goal that his patients achieve the best possible post-injury quality of life and return to their pre-injury condition.

Dr. Marvil has authored and co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and is recognized for his award-winning podium presentations in orthopedics and sports medicine. He was also a National Honor Society award winner for academic excellence.

His outside interests include riding and building custom motorcycles, fishing and hunting. In his personal life, Dr. Marvil has been an Emergency Medical Technician, a firefighter, a snowboard instructor and a carpenter.

Dr. Marvil can be reached anytime at 575-758-0009 and

Current Fellows 2019-2020

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