Upper Extremity Committee

Brief Report for the ISAKOS Newsletter

May 2, 2012

The Upper Extremity Committee has been very active during this period. The two main projects were actually fully accomplished with great success.

The Classifications and Scores Consensus Project led by the Arthroscopy and the Upper Extremity Committees is almost finished and the results will be published shortly.

In Buenos Aires, from April 16 to April 19, fifteen members of the UEC met for the Biannual UEC Closed Consensus Meeting. We had two full days for an in-depth review of the main controversial topics in Rotator Cuff, Tendinosis, Impingement, Ruptures and Reconstructions. The schedule was to have 10 minutes lectures followed by 20 minutes discussion based on what is known, what isn’t and the best evidence for each concern. The UEC members’ commitment was outstanding and a thorough analysis of the controversial topics clarified the concerns and paved the way for future research direction.

The consensus statements and conclusions are being processed and the committee is working on the best way to share them with the ISAKOS members. The original lectures with audio will be uploaded to the ISAKOS Global Link and the debated topics will be published soon.

The UEC, which had a strong involvement at ISAKOS Congress in Rio de Janeiro last year, is working hard to participate at the upcoming ISAKOS Congress in Toronto. We truly recommend this meeting point next year for all of you interested in the upper extremity issues.

Guillermo Arce, M.D.

ISAKOS Upper Extremity Committee, Chairman, 2011-2013.

Photo 1:

From left to right; Greg Bain, Dan Guttmann, Gus Mazzocca, Buddy Savoie, Jaap Willems, John Uribe, Tom Ludvigsen, Ben Kibler, Giovanni Di Giacomo, Eiji Itoi, Klaus Bak, Benno Ejnisman, Francisco Vergara, Alberto Pochini, Yonk Sik Yoo, Guillermo Arce and Vicente Gutierrez.

Photo 2:

The UEC preparing consensus statements at Villa Maria, Buenos Aires.


As a member of the Shoulder committee of ISAKOS, Dr. Guttmann was privileged to attend the most recent Consensus meeting in Munich, Germany. ISAKOS is an international society of surgeons established to advance the worldwide exchange and dissemination of education, research and patient care in arthroscopy and orthopaedic sports medicine.

The aim of the Consensus meeting was to study:

Shoulder Instability: In the life span

ISAKOS members care for patients of all age groups when treating instability of the shoulder joint. Although treatment options for bony defects and soft tissue instability are widely discussed, there is still a lack of specific treatment options for the wide range of age groups.

This meeting focused on the development of current concepts for the treatment of shoulder instability with a specific aim to look at patients of all age groups ranging from the very young up to the old patient.

This project started in Lyon, France June 2015. The consensus meeting took place in May 2016 and the goal will be the publication of a booklet in time for the ISAKOS meeting in Shanghai 2017 and as a publication in JARS 2018.

The two days consensus meeting just prior to ESSKA Barcelona involved a series of presentations on the subject of Shoulder Instability and included a cadaver Lab Experience at the Arthrex Lab in Munich.

The Shoulder Committee of ISAKOS is composed of a group of leading shoulder surgeons from around the world. It has been very successful in providing a forum to collaborate and publish consensus monographs, booklets and articles of specific challenging subjects in shoulder orthopaedic and sports medicine.

Dr. Guttmann has been a member of the ISAKOS Shoulder Committee since 2011.

The current ISAKOS shoulder committee includes:

Andreas B. Imhoff, MD Germany Chair

Felix Henry Savoie III MD, USA, Deputy Chair

Geoffrey D. Abrams MD, USA

Robert A. Arciero MD, USA

Jiwu Chen MD, PhD, CHINA

Carina Cohen MD, BRAZIL

Mark Ferguson MD, SOUTH AFRICA

Francesco Franceschi, MD ITALY

Leesa M. Galatz MD, USA

Dan Guttmann MD, USA

Phillipe Hardy, MD FRANCE

Eiji Itoi MD, PhD, JAPAN

Augustus D. Mazzocca MS, MD, USA

Kevin D. Plancher MD, USA

Juan Pablo Previgliano MD, ARGENTINA

Enrique Alberto Salas MD, VENEZUELA

Kevin P. Shea MD, USA

Stephen C. Weber MD, USA