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Clinics in New Mexico

We regularly visit the following clinics:

Taos, Santa Fe, Los Alamos,

Las Vegas, & Raton

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Taos Orthopaedic Institute is a multifaceted musculoskeletal center of excellence with a dedication to student and Fellow education, medical research, and the delivery of state of the art orthopaedic care.

The Institute is driven to provide the residents of Northern New Mexico with the highest quality orthopaedic surgical and non-surgical musculoskeletal care.  With patient satisfaction as our primary goal, we strive to deliver health care in a professional, compassionate, and efficient manner.   Patients and coworkers will be treated with fairness and respect with a common goal of restoration of function and return to an active, productive lifestyle.


Our Services

The award-winning Orthopedic Specialists at Taosortho treat a wide variety of conditions pertaining to the body. Our services include:

Orthopedic Care

Bracing & Orthotics

Hand Therapy


Physical Therapy

The Bone Health Center

About Us

Taos Orthopaedic Institute (TOI) is a center of excellence for sports medicine and arthroscopy. Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques, the physicians offer a wide variety of conservative and surgical options for the patient with injuries. TOI’s orthopaedic surgeons have specialty training and extensive experience in the use of arthroscopic surgery for both diagnosis and treatment.



Dan Guttmann

Dan Guttmann

John B. Reid III

John B. Reid III

Sean Marvil

Sean Marvil


Current Fellows 2018-2019

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Jeremy Korsh, MD

Dr. Jeremy Korsh was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island. He moved to Vermont to attend Middlebury College where he ran cross country and track earning..

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Dr Matthew T Owen, MD is a native of Meridian, MS. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in chemical and biological engineering with honors from The University of Alabama..

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Known internationally for the challenging powder skiing of Taos Ski Valley, Taos region is also the home of Angel Fire, Red River, and Sipapu ski resorts. Taos is also renown for the summertime activities of golf, tennis, hiking and camping, fishing, horseback riding, white water rafting and kayaking as well as the usual intercollegiate, high school and recreational sports. Finally, as an art colony and resort Taos has more than its share of art, culture, film, video stores and excellent and reasonably priced restaurants.

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We are happy to schedule patients for consultations, evaluations, and follow up appointments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide an answer, call the office 1-888-758-0009 or send us an Buying Viagra With Paypal

Patient Q’s

At TOI, our medical philosophy is that patient education and participation is integral to positive outcomes.

Buy Ventolin Inhaler – Securely access your patient information

Order Viagra Online From Canada – Please print, fill out and bring with you to your appointment.

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